Put simply, GMBO builds websites that generates leads and sales for our clients. Whether you’re a start-up looking to develop your very 1st online presence, or a business that’s looking to have it’s online presence updated or just generally freshened up, GMBO can help.


The first step in designing a successful web site is for us to understand what your business does, how you operate and what your goals by getting your business online are. Once we’re both happy that we understand your business and it’s objectives, we move onto step 2.


Using the information gathered from step 1, it is time to us to put together a plan. We’ll start by developing a listing of all main topic areas of the site. This serves as a guide as to what content will be on the site and is essential to developing a consistent, easy to understand navigational system. During this phase, we will also help you decide what technologies will be used including elements such as interactive forms, ecommerce, flash, etc.


Drawing from the information gathered up to this point, GMBO will start to design your web site. Your account manager will create one or more prototype designs for your web site and this is typically an image of what the final design will look like. We won’t get onto step 4 until you’re happy with the image.


The developmental stage is the point where the web site itself is created. GMBO will work from the image that you approved in step 3 to create you a “shell” for the interior pages. Once the shell has been created, your account manager will take your content and distribute it throughout the site. Elements such as interactive contact forms, flash animations or ecommerce shopping carts are activated shortly afterwards. Through this step, GMBO will continue to make your in-progress web site available to you for viewing, so that you can suggest any additional changes or corrections you would like to have done.

Testing and Delivery

Throughout step 5, we’ll be testing all elements of your web site including ecommerce, contact forms and links. We’ll also ensure that your web site is optimised to be viewed properly in all of the popular internet browsers. Once you give your final approval, it is time to deliver the site and get it online. This marks the official launch of your site, as it is now viewable to the public!


The development of your web site is not necessarily over, though. One way to bring repeat visitors to your site is to offer new content or products on a regular basis. We’re more than happy to continue working together to do it for you or if you’re more hands on, we can train you to do it yourself.